Gen Con 2010 Adventures…Day Zero

This year marks my second year going to Gen Con despite living in Indianapolis most of my life. Why I didn’t go sooner is a complete mystery to me. This year, like last year I chose to DM some of Wizards of the Coast’s RPGA games in the Sagamore Ball Room. This year I chose to do 7 slots (out of the 10 available) so I not only received a free 4-day pass but I also got a hotel room (shared with 2 other DMs).

Wednesday (Day zero) :

I arrived at the Marriott around 9:30am after Kim (my wife) dropped me off before heading to work. Surprisingly I was able to check in that early, luckily I was the first to arrive at the room. So that meant that I got a bed. There is an unwritten rule between the RPGA DMs that the first 2 people to the room gets a bed and the last gets the floor.

As I was checking in I heard my name being called.  It was my friend Chris. We headed up to my room and dropped my luggage off and walked over to union station to meet a couple of his friends. We BSed for a little while before heading to the RAM (a fine downtown restaurant that themes the menu and the restaurant for Gen Con)  to meet my friend and fellow RPGA DM, Brian.

We had a nice leisurely lunch that consisted of hands down the best cheese burger I have ever eaten. It was a little pricey but well worth it.

Around 1:00pm Brian and I headed back to the Marriott to get in on some of the DM only games going on. I played my first P2 (14th to 17th level) game with my paladin H.A.L. (Warforged paladin of Gond)

After that was over we headed up to the Sagamore ball room for the yearly DM meeting. This is where I received the copy of the new Red Box coming out in September (I didn’t get to keep it unfortunately)

After the meeting I headed back to the Marriott for my second DM only game where I played my Wilden avenger Enoki (I themed to be a myconid as opposed to a wilden, close enough right?)

The day was wrapped after that game since I had to get up bright and early to DM the Learn to Play DnD event.


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