Gencon 2010 Adventures…Day Four

Sunday (Day Four) :

The final day I allowed myself to sleep in a bit. Headed up to the Sagamore one last time to delve around 8:00 on the way I ran into my friend Chris, his wife and step-daughter. We all decided to play the delve together. We did not finish it but we came extremely close. His wife and step-daughter had never played but they did pretty well.

I was supposed to meet up with Brian to play the Dark Sun arena but he ended up having to DM the final round of the DnD Championships so I decided to hang out with Chris and family for a bit. We decided to hit the dealer hall. Since it was just opening there was a swarm of people and we got separated. I decided to roam around for a bit and purchased a “Cthulhu for President” bumper sticker and an extra magnet set for my initiative tracker (which is awesome by the way).

I then headed back to the hotel to retrieve my bags since Kim was going to pick me up at 11:00. I ended up waiting in the line for 1/2 hour.

She picked me up and went out to lunch with her mother at Famous Daves.

They decided to go shopping and I decided to take a short nap. It ended up being 4 hours. I guess Gen Con took a lot out of me.


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