Gencon 2010 Adventures…Day Three

Saturday (Day Three) :

Saturday morning I headed back to the Sagamore Ballroom (Geeze I spent a lot of time in that room) to run the first 2 slots of Learn to Play. They went awesomely (if that is not a word then it is now)

Around 6:00pm I was completely done with DMing for the weekend and it was time to pick up my DM SWAG. I got the new Tomb of Horrors hardback, The Darksun campaign setting and Psionic Power.

After dropping my stuff off at my room I met Brian at the food court in Circle Center for dinner. We then played the dungeon delve and had the satisfaction of defeating the DM who had bragged that she killed 46 other characters that weekend and that no one made it through that particular delve.

Then we headed up to my room to look over the books we got and did out customary “Hey look at this” as we read through them. My roommates rolled in around 11 and we sat up gabbed about Gen Con until 2.


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