Gencon 2010 Random Thoughts…

Gencon was a blast this year. Much like last year, it did not disappoint. I was smart this year and got a hotel (RPGA paid for it since I was DMing 7 slots). I don’t think I would ever want to go again without a hotel room. At the very least being able to avoid public restrooms is a huge plus. =) I wanted to jot (well type) down some random thoughts and tid-bits from the past weekend. So in no particular order…

DMing Learn to Play DnD:

During the con I had the pleasure of running the Learn to Play DnD event. Before I got there I thought I would need tons of aspirin from the inevitable headache but it was really awesome. I met a lot of cool people and they all seemed to enjoy the game I ran for them as well as the tips I gave.

DnD Essentials:

Running this event let me preview the DnD essentials boxed set. I guess I’m not supposed to say too much about it even though a lot of people got to play through it. I have to say that the essentials characters are awesome on a stick.

The Dungeon Delve and the Learn to Play both used pre-generated characters that used the essentials system. They all seemed pretty powerful despite not being as optimized as they could have been. The thief has an at will move action that lets them run up vertical surfaces!

I very much look forward to Essentials and will check it out when it comes out.


As always WOTC was very good to their DMs this year.

Not only did I get a hotel room for 4 nights I also got a 4 day badge to the con and 3 hard back DnD books.

I chose The Tomb of Horrors book, Psionic Power and The Dark Sun campaign setting. The latter 2 not coming out for a few weeks. =)

Dark Sun:

Dark sun came out back in the 2nd edition days. Why I never checked out this setting is a complete mystery to me.

Reading through what little I have had time to in the setting book is causing me to fall in love with this setting. I feel like I am cheating on Forgotten Realms. Sure I’m having a little side fling with Eberron but she means nothing to me I swear. Dark sun on the other hand…

I am seriously considering trying to squeeze in running a Dark Sun mini campaign while my normal Eberron group’s DM wants to take a hiatus from DMing for a little bit.


That is all I can think of for the moment. Of course I am still recovering from the 5 days of gaming.Can’t wait until next year…


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