Tomb of Horrors Part 2 (continued)

Our heroes found Acereack’s tomb and faced the lich himself. Right off the bat their young barbarian boy was killed. The cleric banished the lich for just long enough for the heroes to escape with the rod they needed to fulfill their quest.

They then head back to Candlekeep to meet up with the High Priestess that sent them on this quest but she never shows up. They decide to head to Impiltur wo find her. All along the way they are followed by dark robed monks.

The Cult of Acereack questions how they escaped the certain death that the tomb held. They explain that it was a trap set for them and the rod is worthless. They taunt the party for a little while longer and disappear.

The group makes it back to Impiltur and meet with the church of Selune officials and explain what had happened. The church asks them to look into these matters further. Upon doing some research they find that the Cult of Acereack has built more Tombs much like the one they just faced…

To be continued?


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