Time Agency (Department of Paradox Management)

The more I play it the more I dig the Doctor Who Adventures in Time and Space RPG (http://www.cubicle-7.com/doctorwho/Who-front-page.html). So I decided to run a game based on the Time Agency that Captain Jack Harkness was a part of…

I am going to set the game in the 51st century shortly after Captain Jack went rogue. The players will be a small band of time agents based out of New New York that are sent back to fix paradoxes in the past. This is necessary since the fall of the Time Lords who used to handle all of that Timey Wimey stuff. There is not a lot of info on the Time Agency so I plan on making a lot of stuff up.

The group will be members of the department of paradox management.

Positions in the group will include:

Commander – leads the group and is responsible for the success of the mission.
Weapons Expert – knowledgeable of past and present weaponry
Tech Expert – knowledgeable of past and present technology
Medic – keeps the group alive and well
Cultural Liaison / Negotiator – knowledgeable of past cultures to help them blend in.

The group will be issued Time Agency Vortex Manipulators these will differ from the “factory” ones listed in the book. They will only allow pre-programmed time travel set by the agency. It will translate languages for them (much like the TARDIS). It will have a limited teleport usable once every 24 hours.

The group will get the traits “Time Agent” and “Time Traveler” in exchange for taking the  “Amnesia (Major)” trait.

I would like each of the players to be from a different time period which would be reflected by the “Time Traveler” trait. Though I am in no way requiring this. I just think it would be fun to have someone from 51st century working with someone originally from the 2oth .

I will post more details as I have them…


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