Gammaworld: The Great and Powerful Elilill.

Wow! It has been since September since the last time I wrote anything here…

Let me start off by saying that Gamma World is freaking awesome!

That being said I am entering a GM competition at DnD Experience at the end of January called “Hometown Heroes”. You are supposed to write a Gamma World adventure set in your hometown.The adventure will start in the village of Green Woods on the southern edge of the Territory of Naptowne. Here is a little history on the area…

The Territory of Naptowne:
In 2012 Indianapolis was a bustling metropolis. The Big Mistake changed all of that. When the Large Hadron Collider caused realities to slam into each other. Indianapolis became Hell on Earth, literally. Fire and Brimstone engulfed the city leaving much of it charred wasteland. Gamma radiation from the Hellfire caused most of the living creatures to have weird mutations and left portions of the land uninhabitable. There were a few pockets of civilization that survived. Flash forward 100 years, Indianapolis is now The Territory of Naptowne. The name Indianapolis was lost to the ages. The territory consists of small villages scattered throughout the area all lead by Governor Jack Reynolds. Villages all have mayors that report directly to the governor.

Villages of note include Circle Village in the center, Kar Mill to the north, Green Woods to the south, Trackside to the west and Cucumber Land to the east. There are many other smaller villages in between.

The Village of Green Woods:
The village of Green Woods to the south is led by mayor Cornelius T Hanna. It is a small walled village of about 400 people. The mall has been converted into an apartment complex where most of the inhabitants live. North of that there is a small mansion built for the mayor. Across the road from that in an old abandoned Chuck-E-Cheese is Stinky’s Vittle Hut.

NPCs of note:

Cornelius T. Hannah – Mayor of the village of Green Woods. A large blob of a man. He weighs in at over 1,000 pounds. He rules the village with grandfatherly wisdom and his keen intellect. his head is larger than normal due to his psychic abilities. Telekinesis and  laziness are the main causes for his obesity.
Stinky Pete – Old man who knows a lot. catch phrase: “Well if you ask me, and most people do (wink).” Runs a small diner called Stinky’s Vittle Hut. There is something not quite right about this guy.
Billy Bob Bear – Redneck android bear. He is the bouncer at Stinky’s Vittle Hut and part time moonshiner. He also acts as sheriff of the village.
The We – Swarm of hive-mind rats with the gift of “The sight” They live on the outskirts of Green Woods and act as advisor to the Mayor.

There are some other NPCs I have write ups for but they are villains and I do not want to give anything away.

The story line will involve The We’s prophecy of the coming of the Great and Powerful Elilill but there will be more on that later.

Stay tuned…


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