The Great and Powerful Elilill Adventure

Here is my level 3 Gamma World adventure “The Great and Powerful Elilill that I ran at DDXP this year.

I also plan on running it at Who’ Yer Con ( on Sunday March 13th.

The adventure also contains a few pages on how I Gammarized my hometown of Indianapolis. I plan to elaborate on that further since I plan on running an ongoing campaign set in Indy switching off with another DM.

The Adventure itself

There are no maps included. I ended up hand drawing them on Gaming Paper but the maps that come with the various GW sets would work fine.

The first combat encounter will do well with any map that has a cave mouth on it.

The second combat encounter is set inside a cave.

The final combat is set in a large science lab.


These are the Pregenerated characters that I created for the game. Cordie, the Reanimated / Fungoid Knocks, the Nightmare / Ectoplasmic Linkovich, the Simian / Yeti Louis Marx, the Mythic / Plastic M’Nirl, the Speedster / Felinoid T.A.D., the Temporal / A.I.

If you have any comments or suggestions please feel free to add them.

I know both times I ran it so far the players seemed to have a good time.


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