Gencon 2011

This year’s Gencon was a blast. As usual I DMed RPGA games for Baldman games. Unlike other years, my wife decided to tag along this year. She bought the Educator/Trade day badge so she was able to attend the trade day classes and demos.

Wednesday: Day 0

I volunteered to run the Lair Assault demo for the trade day attendees. It is pretty interesting. I cannot say much because I am still under the Non-disclosure agreement, but I can say that it is very difficult and is not your daddy’s DnD. Well, unless of course Gary Gygax was his DM.

Also got to chat a little with WOTC’s organized play manager, Chris Tulach. He is a pretty nice guy.

Here is the info on Lair Assault on the WOTC site.

Thursday-Saturday: Days 1-3

Most of Thursday through Saturday I ran Ashes of Athas chapter 2.

Which if you don’t know, is basically a Living Darksun campaign. I won’t give any spoilers on chapter 2 but I will say that there is an awesome gladiator battle, defending of a town and some politicking.

I ended up running a total of 8 slots of chapter 2.

Saturday night I met up with my wife and we did the Indianapolis Ghost Tour. We are former members of the Indiana Ghost Trackers. The director of IGT happens to be the one who runs the ghost tour so we thought we would check it out. It was pretty interesting but we knew a lot of the info he gave since.

Sunday: Day 4

On the last day my wife had a chain-mail teddy bear class so I went and hit the dungeon delve so I could at least say I played something I didn’t run.

After that I met up with my wife and we hit the dealer hall one last time before having lunch at the Ram.

Fat Loot:


  • Dark Platypus condition flag set – I have a friend who has a set and have always really like. Plus the people who own Dark Platypus are pretty cool. I got to run a game for them at DDXP earlier in the year.
  • Troll and Toad’s 1,000 Magic cards box
  • TARDIS Key Chain
  • TARDIS Pencil Case (wife bought me for my birthday)
  • TARDIS heat activated mug (wife bought me for my birthday)
  • A couple of the WHO North America canvas bags


  • Neverwinter campaign setting
  • Witchlight Fens dungeon tiles
  • Shadowfell box set
  • Monster Vault: Threats to Nentir Vale
  • Heroes of Shadow
  • A bunch of packs of the new set of Magic cards

Getting the Magic cards has opened an old wound. I am thinking about playing again (hence the picking up the 1k card box). Of course I think I will only play casually. Competitive Magic is expensive.


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