Sub Classes and Base Classes in DND Next

So, a short conversation on Twitter about base classes got me thinking and usually that is a dangerous thing.

I have for quite some time now wanted it this way in the new edition of DnD. I would like for there to be a base class that you start with and can specialize in various subclasses. All base classes would get class features. For instance, all clerics would have healing of some sort. All fighters would be proficient with more weapons or get more attacks.etc.

I scribbled down how I would split the “big four” classes as base classes.

Here we go in no particular order.

Base class: Cleric

Subclasses: Crusader -heavy armor, fighter type

Priest – light armor, more emphasis on skills and spells

Druid – nature oriented cleric

Base class: Fighter

Subclasses: Paladin/Knight/Antipaladin – holy warrior

Warrior – regular “fighter” type

Barbarian – berserker fighter

Base Class: Rogue

Subclasses: Bard – arcane magic, bardic music

Thief – the rogue we know and love

Swashbuckler – fighter type rogue

Base Class: Mage

Subclasses: Wizard – the wizard we know and love

Sorceror – spontaneous caster

Gish (swordmage whatever) – fighter mage


From there, I think you should further be able to specialize but I have not put much thought into it. Besides, who knows what WOTC really has planned?


2 thoughts on “Sub Classes and Base Classes in DND Next

  1. I saw this discussed on the WOTC site, and if this is the way it works, I like it. However, you seem to have left out the beloved Ranger. 😉

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