What the Heck have I been up to?

Since I haven’t posted anything in awhile (with the exception of the last post saying I never post) I have decided to ramble on about the things that have happened in the past year.

Still playing with the Doctor Strangeroll group. http://doctorstrangeroll.wordpress.com

Though our focus has changed in the recent past. We started out playing all of the editions of DnD one at a time. We barely got through Basic before the focus (and some of the members) changed. We are now playing Pathfinder in the Skull and Shackles adventure path. We are all goblins. I am a goblin monkey cleric of Besmara names Spack Jarrow. Just got my own ship too. You can check out our antics here http://www.obsidianportal.com/campaigns/goblin-skulls-shackles or in the Doctor Strangeroll blog linked above.

Gencon was pretty fun last year. I didn’t make a post about it and now it is almost time for 2013’s Gencon. This year I am running Beginner’s Box games for Paizo which is a change from previous years where I ran Ashes of Athas for WOTC. The AoA campaign has come to an end and with all the DnD Next hubub at Gencon this year i have decided to move on to greener pastures. Perhaps I will actually write about Gencon. Who knows?

Also playing with another group though not quite as often. I have known them all for ~13 years and real life has gotten in the way of gaming many times. hopefully we will get together soon and resume our Vampire or Star Trek game. I was at one of their houses yesterday for his daughter’s 5th birthday and we discussed getting together for a game real soon. So, fingers crossed.

Tried to start a Pathfinder society group on the south side of Indy. Didn’t have enough RSVPs to make it work. Hopefully after Gencon I can actually get something going.
My side of town is greatly under-served in that aspect despite having 2 game stores.


In other news. I just applied to go back to school. I finished my Associates degree last year and have decided to finish up a Bachelor’s. This was another discussion that I had with a friend yesterday. Since I have been considering the school that he just got his Master’s from.

Hopefully I will continue to write here and not go over a year with out writing anything…

I guess we will see.

Sorry for the brain dump of a post.


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