Tomb of Horrors part 2

I am so ashamed of myself as a DM. Absolutely no deaths in the first half of the Tomb of Horrors. There were some rough spots in there but they pulled through.

Everyone seemed to have a great time and that is all that matters.

They have finally breached Acererak’s inner sanctum.

Will they stop the lich before it is too late?

Will they discover the tomb’s sinister secrets?

Will they recover the Rod of Acererak for the Church of Selune?

All these questions and more will be answered in our exciting conclusion.

Same Bat-time, same Bat-channel…


Tomb of Horrors

I am running the tomb of horrors for my Eberron gaming group this upcoming Saturday since our regular DM is wanting to take a break from running.

The group will consist of:

Lord Waters – Human Swordmage

Thia Strongbow – Elven Ranger

Brother Clarity – Half-Orc Monk of Oghma

Fenris Vanagandir – Human Barbarian

Kalistari – Kalashtar Cleric of Selune’


Gencon 2010 Random Thoughts…

Gencon was a blast this year. Much like last year, it did not disappoint. I was smart this year and got a hotel (RPGA paid for it since I was DMing 7 slots). I don’t think I would ever want to go again without a hotel room. At the very least being able to avoid public restrooms is a huge plus. =) I wanted to jot (well type) down some random thoughts and tid-bits from the past weekend. So in no particular order…

DMing Learn to Play DnD:

During the con I had the pleasure of running the Learn to Play DnD event. Before I got there I thought I would need tons of aspirin from the inevitable headache but it was really awesome. I met a lot of cool people and they all seemed to enjoy the game I ran for them as well as the tips I gave.

DnD Essentials:

Running this event let me preview the DnD essentials boxed set. I guess I’m not supposed to say too much about it even though a lot of people got to play through it. I have to say that the essentials characters are awesome on a stick.

The Dungeon Delve and the Learn to Play both used pre-generated characters that used the essentials system. They all seemed pretty powerful despite not being as optimized as they could have been. The thief has an at will move action that lets them run up vertical surfaces!

I very much look forward to Essentials and will check it out when it comes out.


As always WOTC was very good to their DMs this year.

Not only did I get a hotel room for 4 nights I also got a 4 day badge to the con and 3 hard back DnD books.

I chose The Tomb of Horrors book, Psionic Power and The Dark Sun campaign setting. The latter 2 not coming out for a few weeks. =)

Dark Sun:

Dark sun came out back in the 2nd edition days. Why I never checked out this setting is a complete mystery to me.

Reading through what little I have had time to in the setting book is causing me to fall in love with this setting. I feel like I am cheating on Forgotten Realms. Sure I’m having a little side fling with Eberron but she means nothing to me I swear. Dark sun on the other hand…

I am seriously considering trying to squeeze in running a Dark Sun mini campaign while my normal Eberron group’s DM wants to take a hiatus from DMing for a little bit.


That is all I can think of for the moment. Of course I am still recovering from the 5 days of gaming.Can’t wait until next year…


Gencon 2010 Adventures…Day Four

Sunday (Day Four) :

The final day I allowed myself to sleep in a bit. Headed up to the Sagamore one last time to delve around 8:00 on the way I ran into my friend Chris, his wife and step-daughter. We all decided to play the delve together. We did not finish it but we came extremely close. His wife and step-daughter had never played but they did pretty well.

I was supposed to meet up with Brian to play the Dark Sun arena but he ended up having to DM the final round of the DnD Championships so I decided to hang out with Chris and family for a bit. We decided to hit the dealer hall. Since it was just opening there was a swarm of people and we got separated. I decided to roam around for a bit and purchased a “Cthulhu for President” bumper sticker and an extra magnet set for my initiative tracker (which is awesome by the way).

I then headed back to the hotel to retrieve my bags since Kim was going to pick me up at 11:00. I ended up waiting in the line for 1/2 hour.

She picked me up and went out to lunch with her mother at Famous Daves.

They decided to go shopping and I decided to take a short nap. It ended up being 4 hours. I guess Gen Con took a lot out of me.


Gencon 2010 Adventures…Day Three

Saturday (Day Three) :

Saturday morning I headed back to the Sagamore Ballroom (Geeze I spent a lot of time in that room) to run the first 2 slots of Learn to Play. They went awesomely (if that is not a word then it is now)

Around 6:00pm I was completely done with DMing for the weekend and it was time to pick up my DM SWAG. I got the new Tomb of Horrors hardback, The Darksun campaign setting and Psionic Power.

After dropping my stuff off at my room I met Brian at the food court in Circle Center for dinner. We then played the dungeon delve and had the satisfaction of defeating the DM who had bragged that she killed 46 other characters that weekend and that no one made it through that particular delve.

Then we headed up to my room to look over the books we got and did out customary “Hey look at this” as we read through them. My roommates rolled in around 11 and we sat up gabbed about Gen Con until 2.


Gencon 2010 Adventures…Day Two

Friday (Day Two) :

Friday morning I had to return to the Sagamore ballroom to play the DnD Open Championships with my regular Eberron group. This year there were epic (level 25) pre-generated characters. I played a Gnome Psion|Wizard. There was also a Dragonborn Sorceror, a Half-Elf Paladin, a Githzarai Ranger and a Warforged Runepriest. There were 5 45 minute encounters you had to get through to advance to the finals. We only lasted the first encounter. With 50 seconds remaining I realized what we needed to do to complete it. Oh well you win some you lose some.

After the championship I had some time to kill so I headed to the dealer hall for a quick pass through.

Then I headed back to the Sagamore to run the last 2 slots of Learn to Play.


Gencon 2010 Adventures…Day One

Thursday (Day One) :

There is not too much to say about Day one. I got up early and headed out to the Sagamore Ballroom where I DMed “Learn to Play DnD” using the upcoming Red Box Essentials set.

I ran 3 slots 8am to midnight. There were some really awesome players and it was fun getting more people into DnD.

Back to the Hotel and crashed for the night.


Gen Con 2010 Adventures…Day Zero

This year marks my second year going to Gen Con despite living in Indianapolis most of my life. Why I didn’t go sooner is a complete mystery to me. This year, like last year I chose to DM some of Wizards of the Coast’s RPGA games in the Sagamore Ball Room. This year I chose to do 7 slots (out of the 10 available) so I not only received a free 4-day pass but I also got a hotel room (shared with 2 other DMs).

Wednesday (Day zero) :

I arrived at the Marriott around 9:30am after Kim (my wife) dropped me off before heading to work. Surprisingly I was able to check in that early, luckily I was the first to arrive at the room. So that meant that I got a bed. There is an unwritten rule between the RPGA DMs that the first 2 people to the room gets a bed and the last gets the floor.

As I was checking in I heard my name being called.  It was my friend Chris. We headed up to my room and dropped my luggage off and walked over to union station to meet a couple of his friends. We BSed for a little while before heading to the RAM (a fine downtown restaurant that themes the menu and the restaurant for Gen Con)  to meet my friend and fellow RPGA DM, Brian.

We had a nice leisurely lunch that consisted of hands down the best cheese burger I have ever eaten. It was a little pricey but well worth it.

Around 1:00pm Brian and I headed back to the Marriott to get in on some of the DM only games going on. I played my first P2 (14th to 17th level) game with my paladin H.A.L. (Warforged paladin of Gond)

After that was over we headed up to the Sagamore ball room for the yearly DM meeting. This is where I received the copy of the new Red Box coming out in September (I didn’t get to keep it unfortunately)

After the meeting I headed back to the Marriott for my second DM only game where I played my Wilden avenger Enoki (I themed to be a myconid as opposed to a wilden, close enough right?)

The day was wrapped after that game since I had to get up bright and early to DM the Learn to Play DnD event.